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We Are Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry

Somebody who is looking for mortgages goes through a lot within. They have to balance their monthly budget, their intention of saving and their dream of moving into their preferred property. When they seek information on mortgaging and its allied services, all they want are transparent solutions and insights that would help them make the best decision. At Zinga, we are the bridge between your dreams and financial standings. We are transparent and always keep customers at heart and everything we do. This makes us one of the best mortgage advisors available. With us, you could be sure that the mortgage deals you get are best in the market and are inclined towards putting the least financial burden on your shoulders. We want to make your goal of moving into your dream property as seamless as possible. Talk to our mortgage advisors for the best insights on mortgages.

Our Vision

Mortgaging is a very long and consistent affair that could probably take years to come out completely out of it. As long as you’re on mortgage, we want to ensure your tenure is smooth and without any hindrances. We want you to pay the interest rates and pay off your debts without compromising on your quality of life. We want you to be happy in your property and have peace of mind even when you’re on mortgage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide seekers with the best information and insights on mortgaging from our years of expertise and experience. We want to present them options and let them experience the liberty of choosing a mortgage deal that works in their favor. There is nothing more delightful than the face of contentment on our customers and all our everyday efforts are channelized to strive for it.


No complex jargons. No heavy language. No ambiguity. Mortgage should be straight to the point.


From knowing how much you would end up paying to when your lender is about to move to a higher rate, mortgages should be fair and transparent.


Nobody should be denied a mortgage because of their profession or financial standing. There should be no standing between you and your dream.

Zinga Is Stirring Up A Revolution

At Zinga, we are on the verge of kindling a revolution. Our principles and belief have pushed us to take two crucial decisions – 1. Take efforts to bring in fairness and transparency in the mortgage industry 2. Take efforts to prevent homeowners from ending up more interests than they actually need to Driven by these, we have also taken measures to curb these instances from happening across the nation. That’s why we have called on lenders across the country to sign up to our Mortgage Switch Guarantee to ensure seamless switching between mortgages. Got questions? Get in touch to know more about this.
Zinga Is Stirring Up A Revolution